Guardian Campers are proud to announce that they have now launched a new innovative and modern range of hard floor camper trailers  under the name of ECOMATE using the best of materials and products sourced direct from the manufacturers worldwide including –

European countries, Asia and Australia just to name a few enabling the same quality and reliability but with a new looking design and price tag.

This new range of hard floor camper trailer has been designed using some of the best and modernist manufacturing practises along with some of the world’s best manufactures of quality component ensuring that quality and reliability has been lifted again and has set a new bench mark in hard floor camper trailer industry.

The heart of every hard floor camper trailer is the kitchen area. The area you not only prepare and eat meals, but congregate around, entertaining fellow campers.

Convenience, functionality, compact and cleanliness are all important in the design of the kitchen area.

And with Eco Mate, strength is also built in.

2×100 kilo ball bearing slides easily support the full weight of the kitchen. Totally stainless steel.

No need for separate boxes to carry your food, there’s a pantry, with room for your pots and pans, the kitchen has 3 compartments. One for storage, the sink and the 4 burner gas stove, AGA approved of course.

See how the lid can be used as a wind break.

The journey is not just the drive though. Along the way you want a stop, stretch the legs and have a cuppa. No need to open the trailer to get the milk and some chairs. The front box is big enough for your generator, fridge.

Your fridge can be right beside the kitchen and the fridge box comes with an internal light, leaving both hands free to get what you want.

In our hard floor camper trailer the gas bottle for stove is located in the front side storage compartment

100 ltr stainless steel water tank with internal baffles

When you’ve finished dinner fill the sink with your electric water pump, wipe up put away, throw a rug over the table and now you’re ready for a game of cards.

Close all the lids and you now have a table to eat from. One less thing to bring.

“Trail Guardian Suspension”

On the bitumen you want a smooth, safe ride with or without a camper trailer.

Towing a hard floor camper trailer can make a difference to your ride though if it is not balanced correctly.

The Eco Mate Tourer spare tyre is fitted at the back of the trailer on a swing out holder. Costs a bit more to do this, but along with the stainless steel water tank and battery this puts weight at the back of the trailer, better balancing the weight distribution. This helps produce a smoother ride on the road. It also means there is less weight on the tow ball and bar. The ball weight is only around 70 kilos, which means you don’t need a heavy duty vehicle.

But we didn’t stop there The “Trail Guardian” suspension has parallel ford wheel bearings for caring extra load and is fitted with a bolt on Heavy duty high tensile axle that can be easy inter changed if you were to do any serious damage in those remote locations.

Wheel alienable suspension arms allows you to adjust wheel alignment to stop tyre scrubbing.

The Eco Mate Tourer – Hard Floor Camper Trailer is safe to tow with a small vehicle. Not just due to the weight distribution but because it’s also fitted with 10 inch electric brakes. Personally I wouldn’t tow a hard floor camper trailer without electric brakes. In wet conditions braking suddenly is dangerous enough but if you’re trailer doesn’t have brakes it can push your vehicle and possibly lead to it jack knifing.

16 inch tyres give the hard floor camper trailer higher clearance, and you can choose a 5 or 6 wheel stud pattern to match your vehicle, giving you interchangeable spares.

Get off the bitumen the adventure begins, hopefully it’s all fun, after all repair shops can be some distance away. To help make it fun the Eco Mate Tourer is fitted with the “Trail Guardian” independent suspension with double shock absorbers.

These stop this hard floor camper trailer bouncing side to side on badly corrugated roads, and give a smoother ride. Something you’ll appreciate after the first 10000 corrugations and there are 40000 more to follow.

The Eco Mate Tourer’s spare tyre is fitted at the back of the trailer on a swing out holder

The slide out drawer under the bed can already have your clothes in it

Inside is a queen size inner spring mattress.. No need to hang a torch on one of the bars, there’s an internal light. Heavy duty canvas will keep you dry and the mosquito screen will keep the bugs out, letting the breeze in.

Ecomate have thought of it all there is a step to make getting in and out of bed a breeze.

There is even a special compartment for those tent pegs and posts.

6 hours on the road and you’re finally at your destination. Now the set up. Most hard floor camper trailers and campers alike promise quick set ups, some campers can take a long time and a lot of work to set up but it won’t take long to find out who was telling you the truth, get the table and chairs out of the trailer, then the food to start preparing the meal. You start telling yourself the holiday starts tomorrow.

Fortunately Eco Mate Tourer  doesn’t take long to set up. However we have incorporated a few things to make it easier.

One person can set up this hard floor camper trailer within a few minutes without battling the canvas looking for the doorway to get in and adjust poles.

Just undo the locks, open it up and the camper trailer is done. So if you’re tired and had a meal on the road, within minutes of arriving you could be enjoying a comfortable sleep.

However most times you want to get the annex up, job done, then just unwind. Or just get the kids to do it and unwind sooner.

When done you’ll have plenty of room, flying bug proof, wind proof, rain proof. Sitting under a canvas annex can get hot during the day, usually the time you’re after a power nap. With the tropical roof though under the main bed annex is cooler. You can rest with peace of mind knowing that your Eco Mate Tourer – Hard Floor Camper Trailer is designed to handle most climatic conditions.

The Eco Mate Tourer can be customized to better suit your requirements. Just tell us your ideas.

For more information and to order your Eco Mate Tourer…..



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